Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pin Peg Mini Skirt

I was lucky enough to be asked by Annie from Nine Stitches to test out her first pattern, The Pin Pegs Mini Skirt. I desperately needed a skirt for my Holiday since it was summer in the US, while we were soon to be approaching winter. So when Annie emailed me I jumped at the idea of being a tester for her. Due to time constraints of moving packing, moving and setting up our new house right before we left for our epic USA holiday, I wasn't able to get photos for her in time. 

Look Annie, here's proof of how much I loved it though! It was the only skirt I took and turned out perfect for sight seeing, while trying not to look too much like a tourist. 

Standing in the Wynn Las Vegas

Getting ready to take photos of the Bellagio fountain

Now that I'm back and settling into our new house here are my photos for you. It's great because I still have one room spare so I've turned that into my photo studio (hehe). 

I ended up making two, one navy skirt in a thick denim and one black skirt in lightweight denim.

Getting Photo-bombed by the pugs.

The Pin Peg Mini Skirt Pattern

I must admit I was in a fairly big rush to get this done so whilst we were testing it out, emailing Annie with our questions etc, I ended up flying right ahead finishing it the way I wanted it.

It was such a simple and easy skirt to make and took no time at all. However, when you look at my photos compared to the Sew This Pattern photos you'll see there's an underskirt where the zip goes. I knew there was an extra piece left over when I did it but because I measured that skirt edge and purchased a zip to run the exact length it still worked out okay. Now looking at the pattern I realised I could have done it either way. Especially if you weren't using an external exposed zipper I would definitely opt that way instead. 

There is so much I love about this skirt - the fact that it's high waisted and tucks into your shirts, the longer skirt panel on one side. It's such a retro, modern style too and exactly what I was looking for at the time to add to my wardrobe. 

I actually really love the thick denim skirt in this version. When summer comes around for us again in Australia I'm going to go in search for some more thicker denim to make a million more. 

All in all you've done an amazing job, Annie. Congrats on your pattern making business, I can't wait to buy more as you create them since I love your style!

xx Erin xx

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Holiday Lekala Dresses

Electric Daisy Carnival Outfits

I made these Lekala dresses mostly to wear to the EDC festival on our USA holiday. Therefore, I might start with them. If you haven't heard of Electric Daisy Carnival it's a huge dance festival that runs all night for three days including the top DJ's around the world. Not only that, the outfits were outrageous including flower bra's, headbands, tutus, dresses and for the more confident ones, nipple covers, g-strings and um... wings?

It was a three day festival so I had planned to wear this dress below with my daisy headband, the pink balayage dress (also shown below) and finally the blue dress from my previous post. Due to partying too hard because it was Vegas after all, we only had enough energy to make it to the one night. We figured it was the night with the best line up anyway, so all good :)

Picture taken just before we left.

View from one of the stages!

Main owl stage from the VIP area. Such a great night!

Summer Day Dress

I had previously made this dress but I altered the front slightly to match these three dresses. 

Nightclub Lekala

We knew we were going to see Avicii because he just happen to be playing at the Wynn nightclub XS, which is where we were staying. It was such a fun night and the nightclub itself was incredible. Actually, everything about the Wynn was incredible, I still miss being there. Since I haven't really been clubbing in um, forever, I needed something to wear that I felt comfortable in. So I used some of the fabric I had left over from my Burda Princess Seam Dress and combined it with some lightweight back rayon for the skirt. 

Maybe I'll book Vegas again next year?

Friday, July 24, 2015

30th Birthday Holiday, Fabric, Dresses and more!

It's been another huge year for me as I approach the scary adult age of thirty. It started off well since we had been saving all our pennies to put towards buying a house. It just turned out that we had this brilliant idea at the end of last year to book a three week holiday to the USA for my 30th birthday. Since my husband's birthday is only a day before mine we figured, why not

Then as we started looking for houses we stumbled across a great new estate selling house and land packages. Turns out or house settlement was only one week before this huge and incredibly expensive trip! So with much stress, packing, cleaning and then a battle to pay off accommodation vs feature walls, we not only moved into our new home but also got on our flight to the US!

Here's a little run down of our holiday.

Las Vegas

This was without a doubt the funnest part of our holiday. What better way to turn thirty (especially at Electric Daisy Carnival week) than to go to VEGAS, baby! So much fun and we didn't even had to leave our hotel (mostly).

Here are a few photos....

The Strip

Lekala Dress I made for going to see Avicii at XS nightclub (since it's been a while since I went clubbing). 
Don't you love the cool ball thingy mcbob in the background!

This was my comfy touring outfit (Pin Peg Mini skirt by Annie)

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Electric Daisy Carnival outfit
Again another Lekala Dress - My US dress obsession. 

View from the stage at Electric Daisy Carnival - Just epic!

Few things I discovered in Vegas
  1. The Grand Canyon tour was amazing and a must do!
  2. They put a lot more alcohol in their drinks, which may or may not have contributed to an all day hangover (whoops!)
  3. We booked a 3 day festival - made 3 outfits - was amped up to go to all 3 nights but in reality turning 30 is nothing like turning 20. So in the end we only made it to one extremely amazing and incredible night! It was well worth the $800 we spent on VIP tickets (lol). 
  4. Even going overseas you can't avoid making friends with other Aussies. We left feeling we were a damn crazy, friendly and extremely fun bunch of weirdos.

New York

We then flew across the country to New York! Here we stayed in a room that was the size of the bathroom in Vegas...damn (another reason to miss being in Vegas). However, what an incredible place!

Here are some photos...

Central Park

Diner around the corner we ate at pretty much every day.

Being in New York you walk a lot! We spent about 3 days just walking around discovering 5th Avenue, Soho, Upper West, Upper East, Central Park, the Garment District, Times Square, World Trade Center and more. There was so much to do and so many place to explore.

I am proud to say that I got to visit Mood Fabrics and spent quite a lot of money. One of the best things we did in New York was the boat tour, which allowed us to get a 1.5 hour run down of the entire place spanning from Brooklyn to New York. 

Oh, and get this the New Yorkers had absolutely no idea what we were saying. I know being an Aussie we're slightly bogan at times and tend to shorten nearly every word but in the end, we still speak English!


Me: Do you have any brochures? 
Hotel Staff: Any what?
Me: Any for tours?
Hotel Staff: For tours? uhhh....
Me: Yeah like a pamphlet?
Hotel Staff: Oh a Pamphlet! Here is a pamphlet of our hotel. Here is the business card for Jill, our manager. She can organise a tour of the hotel if you just give her a call.
Me: Stands there confused because we are in New York aren't we? Why do I want a tour of your hotel?
My actual reply: Umm... okay. That will do. 

From that moment we were really considering laying it on just for giggles like: G'day, Mate! Ow-ya-goin? We're lookin at doin a tour this arvy! Got any brochures? (he he!)

San Francisco

I would have to say that San Francisco was more my kind of place. I had been building up a Pinterest board of all the places I wanted to see and I was quite happy with myself that I got to take photos of all these famous places.

Painted Ladies

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf

Golden Gate Bridge

The Crookedest Street

Blogger Meetup!

The best part was getting to meet my long time blogger friend Ping (Peneloping) and Emily (Dressing The Role)! It was so nice to meet these girls who I had admired from half way across the world. Plus, we caught up over something we all love - fabric. Yes, that's right. We couldn't help ourselves. You'll know what I mean when you see the photos below. 

Britex Fabrics located in Union Square had over 5 levels filled with goodies! I spent way too much, especially since the dollar was at an all time low (another whoops!).

Thanks for travelling all the way to meet me for this day, girls! I had such a great time and it was so good to finally meet you. I'm also looking forward to the day I can return the favour if you ever want to visit us in Queensland. xx

Emily, Me & Ping.

Emily, Me & Ping.

Final leg of the trip

From there we got in a car and safely (since we had to drive on the opposite side of the road) managed to drive the beautiful Californian Coast from San Francisco back to Los Angeles. We were overwhelmed with how beautiful it was, getting to see those cute little coastal towns along the way and the elephant seals Ermahgerd!!. 

Plus, there were never ending lollie shops, which my husband had to wait out the front off while I filled 1kg bags for each leg of the trip. Then he's like, "Isn't all that chocolate going to make you sick?" (since I'm dairy intolerant). Me - "Yes, most likely but it's my birthday!" (He couldn't really say no to that now could he?)

 Here are some photos...

Monterey (which we sounded like idiots saying since it's kinda spoken as Mon-eray).

Elephant Seals Ermahgerd!

How cool is this!! My husband was required to stop so I could get photos!

Santa Monica Pier

Now we're back and having to come to terms with the fact that our big holiday is over (sad face). But that's okay because I have a bigger stash of fabric and can finally get back into sewing, yeehaa!

I will post more photos of the dresses, skirts and tops that I made for my USA trip soon!

Happy Sewing!

Erin xx

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spoonflower Laptop Case

Here is a cute little free Laptop Case pattern that's  quick and easy to make by Crazy Little Projects. I loved her use of fabric colours and the different sections for the case. 

I've just changed mine slightly by adding the bottom zipper in and I didn't include any handles so that it fits in my extremely large handbag. I guess it depends if you don't mind lugging it around like that.

The fabric was purchased from Spoonflower if you're looking for something similar.

Check out my Pinterest Fabric board for loads of cool patterns that are very similar. 
I went through a phase of buying up fabrics like this. Most of them are still sitting in my fabric stash but luckily we're moving into our new home soon so I will have heaps of great uses for them!